Thursday, January 17, 2013

Still On Track...

I am still on track for the February 1, 2013 release date of 'The Man From Atlantis - Dylan's Beginning - Episode III.'

The push has been hard but the process of releasing via deadlines has proven invaluable. The entire process of self-publishing and releasing episodes of my novel to the public has taught me a great deal, and has been both good and bad, flattering and embarrassing. I plan to profile the entire process in a nonfiction work shortly after this first of five novels is complete.

I will profile the thrill of submitting my work to Amazon and watching the amount of episodes sold, and the numerous panicked edits after the warts started showing - even after my internal editing process. From the press releases that were answered and those that were not, to finding out that people are more willing to just buy your book rather than really read it let alone review it, all of this will be detailed.

The journey continues...

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